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Stories in English


Author: Marc Brown 
About: DW is jealous when Arthur loses a tooth and gets a visit from the tooth fairy.

Reader: Michael Jordan, D22

Author: Leo Lionni
About: A chameleon tries to find a color of his own but finds friendship instead!

Reader: Nickeisha Louis-Elias, D23

Author: Kevin Henkes 
About: Bailey's camping adventure is not whaat she expects it to be. 
Reader: Giselle Clarke, D23

Author: Karma Wilson

About: A rhyming story where the big grown bear sleeps through almost everything.
Reader: Nikesha Walters, D22

Author: Alicia Padron

About: A story about the importance of brushing your teeth to keep them clean and white!
Reader: Breona Jones, D24

Author: Margaret & H. A. Rey
About: Let's explore the city with Curious George!
Reader: Lara Guzmán, D23

Author: Dr. Seuss 
About: Sam-I-Am tries to convince us to try green eggs and ham!
Reader: Emarsharae Anderson, D22

Author: McMillen Health
About: A boy sells his teeth to the tooth fairy but then realizes how important his teeth are.
Reader: Allison McDonough, D23

Author: Rachel Grider, R.D.H
About: Can you imagine if dentists were animals?
Reader: Ashley Makala, D23

Author: Laura Numeroff
About: If a hungry mouse shows up on your doorstep, you may want to give him a cookie. 
Reader: Arika Neal-Branch, D24

Author: Parragon Books 
About: See how Jacob's first visit to the dentist goes.
Reader: Rah-Taja Doggett, D22

Author: Mercery Mayeer
About: Litter Critter is first scared to go to the dentist. See how Litter Critter learns to be brave during his first dental visit. 
Reader: Tiara Thompson, D23

Author: Bridget Heos 
About: Have you ever wondered what it's like to go to the dentist? Join Dr. Florez and see what you can expect at your first visit.
Reader: Breona Jones, D24

Author: Adria F. Klein
About: This book is about a little boy who goes to the dentist for a check up.
Reader: Darrian Jones, D23

Author: Carline Smothers 
About: Carline learns about Soup Joumou and its importance to her family history. 
Reader: Daniel Boateng, D22

Author: Roger Hargreaves

About: Jack doesn't feel well, but his friend make him feel better!
Reader: McKenzie Halsey, D23

Author: Robin Pulver
About: Mrs. Toggle has a bad hair day, and her students come to the rescue!
Reader: Nickeisha Louis-Elias, D23

Author: Ashley Franklin

About: A picture book for magical yet imperfect girls everywhere.
Reader: Nikesha Walters, D22

Author: Tedd Arnold

About: When a young boy thinks his body is falling apart, his parents teach him how his body works.
Reader: Amber Courtney, D23

Author: Alia Osseiran, D22
About: Big brother helps his little sister with a healthy snack!
Reader: Alia Osseiran, D22

Author: Ben Magleby

About: How to keep sugar bugs away and keep a great smile every day!
Reader: Breona Jones, D24

Author: Stan and Jan Berenstain 
About: When Mama Bear notices her family is eating a lot of junk food, she goes to Dr. Grizzly to learn more about healthy eating and staying physically active. 
Reader: McKenzie Halsey, D23

Author: Eric Carle
About: A caterpillar eats his way through the days of the week and becomes a beautiful butterfly!
Reader: Monique Gordon, D22

Author: Zoe Ranucci
About: Hop on the Smiley Train to learn how to take care of your braces!
Reader: Erin Howard, D22

Author: Marcus Pfister
About: A shiny fish learns how to find happiness even after sharing his most prized possession. 
Reader: Ashley Makala, D23

Author: Claire Llewellyn 
About: Discover the importance of eating a healthy and balanced diet. 
Reader: Mehtab Manji, D22

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